Our Commitment


An open space for sharing, learning and growing

We recognize shortcomings within our organization and see the need to make sure all voices are heard in areas of programming and decision making. Over the last year we have taken time to educate ourselves, learn from others, and share stories. We joined Prairie Rivers Reconciliation Committee (PRRC) over a year ago and to show our commitment to our communities, we signed a Reconciliation Declaration in February 2020. PRRC has helped us to build and strengthen relationships with those around us. 

Going Forward
The Station is a cultural hub and gathering place. We want to better promote and celebrate the creative work of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour that have been or will be on our stage, in our gallery and across the Prairies. We continue to have conversations about creating a space where everyone feels heard, respected and welcome. We want to open our space to highlight the artistic work that is coming out of diverse communities on the Prairies. Art is a wonderful educator and we want to share this art with you.

The Station is now able to connect communities right here on our website!
An open space for sharing, learning and growing.

A chance to feature the diversity of art and artists on the Prairies and beyond. We are excited to now have a space on our website to share short films, documentaries, animation and more, along with a section highlighting arts to take in locally.