Double Our Bubble


A Campaign for the Station Arts Centre Refresh Project


We need your help to keep the Arts alive in rural Saskatchewan.Our beautiful, historic building needs many repairs to preserve the rich history it brings to this community while making it functional and accessible to everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to close our doors and took away our ability to generate funds through programming for operations and renovations. We started this three-year campaign in 2020 and we were blown away by the support of our community, raising $30,000 in our first year.

This year, we are asking for you to “Double Our Bubble”. We have already raised $16,500! Help us reach our 2021 goal of $30,000 to put towards our capital upgrades. With $60,000 and capital funds applied for through various streams, we will be able to “refresh” the Station and fix areas that are in dire need of repair.


As of September 1, 2021, the Station Arts Centre will be undergoing renovations to get the Refresh Project underway!

The main focus of the Station Refresh Project is to continue to be a place where individuals can gather, connect, and enjoy arts activities. The facility will need to be refreshed, giving it some new life while keeping the heritage, arts and train theme in place. Just imagine what it would look like if you were walking into the refreshed Station Arts Centre. We want you to be inspired, excited, and engaged. Once your mind is opened, you’ll be ready to see things in a new light.

We are excited to provide a space where patrons can come to enjoy the atmosphere, a tasty beverage, and delicious food. We are researching local vendors who we could potentially purchase food items from that can be used to stock our grab-and-go cooler. These items would be local, unique, and high quality. The possibilities are limitless! We have a chance to bring exciting new flavours to our community, provide variety, and expose the community to all the makers we have at our fingertips.

Imagine coming into the Station to grab a cappuccino, a fresh pastry and catch up with a friend. Pop in after work for a craft beer or local cider. Stay to tour the gallery, take in a poetry reading, or to enjoy live music with others. 

Until the end of 2022, we will focus primarily on having small, meaningful events and experiences as the arts are still at the heart of the Station Arts Centre. We envision food and drink elements complimenting and enhancing the programs we offer.



Two of our board members, Rebecca Kennel and Janet Regier came up with the bubble theme in 2020. We knew we needed a fundraiser and wanted something light, fun and current! We hosted a launch party where board members were asked to bring something bubble related for a fun photo-op. This is how the bubble began. Our fundraising team is asking everyone in their bubble to make a contribution. The hope is that as these bubbles grow they will continue to spread awareness and generate funds to get this train back on it’s tracks.

Join our bubble and get your friends to join too!



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