Check out the amazing lineup of artists we have coming to our stage next season!

Attention subscribers! Our Stars for Saskatchewan Subscription Series 2024-2025 includes some of Canada’s top talents who cover a wide range of artistic styles and genres.

Jack Semple — October 4th

Tom & Kalissa Landa — November 1st

Misery Mountain Boys — November 16th

Prairie Sons — March 13th

Every Brilliant Thing — April 10th

Season tickets give you the opportunity to see performers you love and experience new artists or styles of performance you may not be familiar with. Being a subscriber allows you to keep your seats year to year and saves you money. You also get first dibs on tickets for extra OSAC shows not included in the series.

We will be contacting all existing subscribers for renewals in April and May. The deadline to renew your seats is June 1, 2024 when tickets go on sale for the general public.