Season Tickets to our Stars for Saskatchewan Concert Series are now available!


Each year, we select a series of touring artists, through the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils, that we’d love to have on our stage. This line up boasts some of Canada’s top talents who cover a wide range of artistic styles and genres. Season tickets give you the opportunity to see performers you love, and experience new artists or genres you may not be familiar with. Being a subscriber saves you money and guarantees you the same seats for each show. Season tickets are limited, so once you have the seats you like – you won’t want to give them up!

ADULT SEASON TICKETS……$170 + tax per person

If you are interested in getting season tickets, contact us by emailing programmingdirector@stationarts.com or call 306-232-5332.

2022-2023 Season Line Up:

JACK SEMPLE             OCTOBER 7  jacksemple.com

CHRISTING TASSAN   OCTOBER 27 christinetassan.com

TWIN FLAMES              NOVEMBER 19 twinflamesmusic.com

OVER THE MOON        MARCH 3  overthemoonband.com

MOTUS O                      MARCH 22 motuso.com

We have also booked SHELDON CASAVANT for JANYUARY 20. He is touring through OSAC but this show is not part of the Season Ticket Package.

Tickets for the Sheldon Casavant show are $38 + tax for adults and $20 + tax for 12 and under. sheldoncasavant.com