Friday, June 24, 2022 at 7:30pm

Station Arts Theatre

Tickets ar $20 + GST

Advance tickets available online

Saskatchewan singer-songwriter Jefferey Straker says she is “Quite likely the best singer I know.”


Dara Schindelka is a Saskatchewan singer/songwriter with a touch of the north and the pull of the prairies. Her latest project is a full-length album entitled Saturn Returns which has received the support of a sound recording grant with Creative Saskatchewan.

Her debut EP, Thou Art Loosed, was a celebration of female strength and gained her awards and followers throughout 2020-2021.

As 2022 started, Dara was granted a SOCAN artist career development grant to complete work on her album, Saturn Returns, and has partnered with Boreal Heartland in northern Saskatchewan to create a unique tea based on the music of the title track. She has been recently nominated for keyboard player of the year by the Saskatchewan Country Music Association. Dara is touring across the prairies with the generous support of Cherry Tree House Musical Education Fund through the Saskatoon Community Foundation as a musician and workshop facilitator. Dara supports music festivals and livestreams that bring awareness and help to women’s issues and has worked with Stay Human Productions, Rock Against Racism, Piwapin Women’s Shelter, Prince Albert Multi Cultural Council, and FemFolk UK and most recently with the Saskatchewan Council for International Co-operation.