Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Live & Local Stage

Tickets are $25 + GST

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Based around melodic swells and four-part harmony, this Nashville-folk quartet is sure to please!

Kentucky Eileen is a new fold quartet born from the orchards of the Okanagan region of BC. Based around melodic swells and four-part harmony, four of BC’s most beloved musical savants comprise the lineup; Joshua Smith (The Trips), Dan Tait (Tiger Moon), Sam Balson (Dope Folk), and Mitchell Howanyk (Post-Modern Connection). Inspired by Roger Miller and Ricky Skaggs, this quartet takes traditional American fold music and fives it a supremely Canadian flavour-sonically akin to The Band.

Each individual member of Kentucky Eileen has deep roots beyond their current homes win BC – each having spent a little bit of time living all over the country, and travelling the world. They’ve spent years collecting the stuff that songwriters need to tell a story and have cut their teeth in many different music senes. This seasoned group needed little time to become great friends, and even less to become a great act.

With an EP under their belts, a collective performance count that would impress event a roadwork touring artist and a variety of new material ready for release, Kentucky Eileen have set their sights on 2022, with the drive and determination to outdo themselves in every way. Starting in February 2022, Kentucky Eileen will start releasing a series of new singles, as well as putting out monthly covers on their YouTube channel, further cementing their digital presence and expanding their soul-soothing repertoire.