GREG ALLEN & JEFF MELDRUM Micro & Macro of the Boreal Forest

Exhibit Runs October 7 – November 23, 2023

Kathy Thiessen Art Gallery

This humorous and thought-provoking exhibit looks at nature through very different lenses…

Part of the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils Arts on the Move Program

Micro and Macro of the Boreal Forest serves to juxtapose two very different yet integrally connected elements of the forest ecosystem, the microbiome found along the boulders inhabiting Canadian shield lakes and the bears and ungulates which that microbiome ultimately nourishes and sustains.

Greg Allen paints the intricacies of the algae, lichen and moss which over time slowly come to cover the rocks and boulders found along the shoreline of boreal forest lakes while Jeff Meldrum sets up camera traps to capture bears, elk and deer interacting with his artistic interventions in the landscape.

By showcasing the two works together, the artists hope to prompt viewers to consider the complexity of the ecology, systems both big and small, while fostering an appreciation for the aesthetics bound within the boreal forest.

Image: Jeff Meldrum, Compensation #2, documented performance, prints at 16×20, 2020