Art Exhibit runs December 1 – January 21/22

Admission is free

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The concept of ‘family ties’ has been used in a variety of contexts to speak to a common theme of shared intimacy and bonds between family members.

Artists: Belinda Harrow, Jennifer McRorie, Elizabeth Munro, Wendy Winter 

Curated by Zoë Schneider, organized and toured though OSAC’s Arts on the Move program

Family Ties explores the artists Belinda Harrow, Jennifer McRorie, Elizabeth Munro, and Wendy Winter’s familial bonds through the medium of embroidery and fibre based artworks. Here the threads of an embroidery symbolize the links we share with the ones we call family. 

The artists in this exhibition use embroidery and fibre-art techniques in different ways to consider the complexities of the bonds with our families and those we call kin. Textiles have an inherent ability to make us feel warm, safe, cared for; they offer familiarity. This familiarity is the underpinning of the weight of family connection.