Exhibition: ‘Etc’ by Monique Martin

May 1 – June 22

in the Kathy Thiessen Art Gallery



Monique is an eco-conscious, internationally recognized, multi-disciplinary artist from Saskatoon, SK. Her work often uses significant symbols or comments on contemporary social issues. She undertakes extensive research prior to creating her work, often incorporating historically significant symbols and images to express her ideas. Her works push the boundaries of standard printmaking; enormous scale printmaking, installation-based printmaking and working with three dimensions in printmaking.

“My art is an intricate fabric woven from all the people around me, the experiences I have and the things I feel. Chapters of an artistic life are unlike chapters of a book. An art life flows forward, backward, side to side with no understanding at many times where one chapter ends and another begins. An artistic life can be marked by a series of work beginning or ending, exhibitions opening or closing, an artistic life is fluid and constantly mocking ‘being done’ as one idea begins as another merges and builds upon the last. I never know when is the last time I will touch upon an idea or build upon a past concept. As an artist don’t know when the fork in the road is a medium, an idea, a residency, an exhibition or an image, and often for me it is as simple as a conversation with another person. I follow my brush, carving tool, screens, scissors and glue where they take me. I trust that the trail that is created behind me will be an interesting one.” — Monique Martin

This exhibition encompasses art made over many years. Most of Monique’s artwork travels to public galleries and museums, sometimes for years at a time. Her dandelion series logged enough kilometres to have gone around the world twice, across twenty-five venues internationally. Her series using nests as imagery was in eleven venues internationally, including Disneyland Paris where she was the artist-in-residence.

As artwork is not for sale in public galleries, when collections come home they are slowly sold through exhibitions like this one.

Also showing: a mini-exhibit in the Satellite Gallery titled ‘Context Is Everything.’

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