Saturday, November 19 at 7:30pm

Station Arts Theatre

Advance Tickets $38 + taxes

With a cultural background that spans Canada’s geography, this duo brings people together through storytelling and song.


Building bridges across cultures, continents, and styles, Twin Flames bring together a richness of personal history and musical experience. Blending together Indigenous and western instruments, as well as their own unique sonic creations, this Multi-Award Winning duo effortlessly floats between Inuktitut, French, and English leaving audiences fascinated and inspired. Twin Flames create a sonic landscape that spans Canada’s vast country, they transcend cultural boundaries and inspire unity while honoring their ancestor’s history and Indigenous Backgrounds. Twin Flames push the boundaries of “Contemporary Folk”. Consecutive year winners of The Canadian Folk Music Awards; Aboriginal Songwriters of the Year, their songs tell stories of courage and survival. Prepare to dive into the hearts and minds of this beloved couple. We guarantee a journey like no other.