A self guided tour

Caboose Museum

The Caboose Museum is open to the public on Thursday 3pm-9pm, Friday 8am-9pm, and Saturday 8am-2pm. It is set up as a self guided tour but we are happy to assist you.

The Caboose Museum embodies a spirit of new beginnings, cultural exchanges, and personal connections that tied people together in the past as well as today. This exhibit reminds us of what builds communities and keeps them together. It tells the stories of immigrants that intersected at the Rosthern CN Station as this was the point of arrival; a touchstone for those in search of a place to call home.

For its 25th Anniversary, the Station Arts Centre refitted this historic gem to house a photographic exhibit spanning the settlement, growth, and development of Rosthern.

This caboose came to the Station shortly after the Station Arts opened. John Martins decided a caboose would be a great addition to the 1902 CN station in Rosthern. As a retired CN Railway employee and Rosthern resident, Mr. Martins asked CN if they’d donate a caboose to the Station as it was a historic building and vibrant art centre that would benefit from the addition of railway history. Together with his son Greg and a group of seniors in town, John secured an old caboose from the CNR and created a caboose club. This club worked hard to fix, clean, and maintain the caboose so it could be accessed by visitors and used by the Station. This became a wonderful space used as dressing rooms during summer theatre productions and a physical piece of history; a curiosity for children and adults visiting the Station Arts Centre.

The bright orange caboose is located on the tracks behind the Station Arts Centre, the converted CN train station.