Tea Room

The Tea Room Is Now Closed

Dennis and Bob have retired. Thanks to all of our patrons for the past 25 years.

A note about the Station Art’s Tea Room…

As many of you know, the Tea Room has been a part of the Station Arts Centre since the beginning. When Joan Yoder, Dennis Helmuth and Bob Schellenberg began their journey 20+ years ago, we did not know what sort of treat we were all in for. Their soup and bread have warmed our hearts on the coldest of days, the desserts have cheered us up when we needed it the most and best of all… the coffee has always been on. When people return home for a visit, most will say they haven’t truly been home until they’ve gone for lunch in the Tea Room because the Tea Room’s food is home to so many.

While we are sad to see Joan, Dennis and Bob go, we are so lucky to have had them serving up delicious meals and desserts for so long. Where will we go for that coconut cream pie we have all come to know and love?!  It has been wonderful to have shared this space with the Tea Room for all these years and they will truly be missed. We wish them all the best and hope they enjoy their retirement – they deserve it! 

The Station Arts Centre will be renovating our space this fall but will be open to you in the  near future. Stay tuned to our e-newsletter and social media so you don’t miss out on our exciting future plans.

– The Station Arts Centre Co-operative