Sharing our love of the arts with you!

History & Mission


The Station Arts Centre began as a dream.Through the hard work, foresight of numerous volunteers and generosity of donors, the Centre has become a vibrant venue promoting the work of Saskatchewan and Canadian artists while providing patrons with ongoing opportunities to enjoy and share experiences with professional and emerging artists in music, visual art and drama. The home of the Station Arts Centre is a renovated CN Railway Station in Rosthern, Saskatchewan serving as an art gallery, gathering or meeting space, craft beer and coffee bar, and live music venue. 


The Station Arts Centre is at the heart of the cultural and artistic life of the region. A model for a multi-disciplinary regional art centre, it provides a year-round focus for innovative experiences in the arts that attract attention from across Canada. The Station Arts Centre offers new creative opportunities for residents while engaging tourists in the unique culture of the community, including cuisine and living heritage. An indispensable part of the immediate community, the Station Arts Centre is valued for its contribution to the economy, the education of people and the overall quality of life. The Station Arts Centre is a place to gather, celebrate, and build community.


Inclusivity: we believe in sharing our love of art with everyone.

Hospitality: we welcome our guests with warmth and generosity.

Accessibility: we are an open and accessible organization in all aspects of our operations.

Education and Enrichment: we treasure the role that the arts play in individual and community enrichment, and value the link between education and the arts and its benefit for our audiences, our community and the region.

Team work: we believe that we create the best results for our stakeholders by working together.

Organizational sustainability: we balance our ambition for quality presentations with our resources to ensure the long-term success of Station Arts.

Responsive leadership: we embrace our leadership role in advancing the arts in our community and the region, and respond to changes within our communities and the arts.

Accountability: we operate with respect for each other and our patrons, and with integrity and accountability at the heart of our operations.