Nicole Thiessen

Director of Programming

Paulo Flieg

Director of Operations


Thiessen brings a background of arts programming to the Station with a degree in Painting and a history of work with the Glenbow Museum. “I love seeing and being a part of the changes in our growing community. Who’d have thought I’d be able to take a tap class, grab an Americano and go to a craft beer tasting all here in Rosthern?! It is rare to live and work in a community where you experience so much support for the arts. That’s why we work so hard to have fun events and bring amazing artists to those who love to see them.”
– Nicole Thiessen


Flieg’s commerce and fine arts background makes him a fantastic addition to our administration team. He and his family moved to the Rosthern area is 2013 and Paulo has served as a member of the SAC Board of Directors for much of that time, giving him a rich knowledge of the organization and our community. While Paulo has a lot to offer – he’s disclosed that although he is a prairie transplant and originally from Brazil, he is not great at…well…dancing. Making ridiculous dance videos to shamelessly promotion the Station is just part of the job. As we delve deeper into our Refresh Project with renovations and upgrades, we shall see if we can refresh some of Paulo’s choreography! Progress reports will be forthcoming.


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