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Endowment Fund

...a great way to secure the future of the Station Arts Centre


Why Give to the SACCEF?

The Station Arts Centre began as a dream. Through the hard work and foresight of numerous volunteers, the generosity of donors, the Town of Rosthern and provincial and federal granting agencies, the Centre has grown to be what it is today, a vibrant venue promoting the work of local, Saskatchewan and Canadian artists while providing patrons with ongoing opportunities to enjoy professional and amateur music, visual art and drama. 

The goals of the Station Arts Centre mirror the belief of its founders that participation in the arts in whatever form adds a significant dimension to the life of individuals, families and the community generally. The SACCEF recognizes that this will continue to be true in the future and seeks to secure the viability of the Station Arts Centre for coming generations.


1. The SACCEF is a secure investment in the future of the Station Arts Centre in that it provides a growing, annual revenue source in perpetuity. 

2. The SACCEF is a gift to future artists, patrons and friends of the arts in the Saskatchewan Valley. 

3. The Endowment Fund is an attractive option to private donors who wish to contribute to the flourishing of the arts in Saskatchewan and in the Rosthern area. 

4. The federal government currently rewards organizations for investing in sustainability with a matching grant.


What is the SACCEF?

An Endowment Fund under the umbrella of the Saskatoon Community Foundation (SCF). 

The Station Arts Centre Cooperative Endowment Fund (SACCEF) is professionally managed. 

The Principal of SACCEF is held in perpetuity and a percentage (minimum 3.5%) of the principal is disbursed to the Station Arts Centre annually, provided that the return on investment allows. 

The Saskatoon Community Foundation, under which SACCEF operates, has averaged a return on investment of 6.6% over the last ten years, and holds over 150 different funds worth over 22 million dollars. 

Additional interest income over the disbursement amount is returned to the fund to assist in its growth. 

The fund grows through 
-Investment returns, 
-Cash donations, 
-Donation of securities, 
-at present, the Government of Canada matches a sizeable percentage of donations to arts and culture organizations. 

An example: 
Suppose the SACCEF reaches $100,000, 
Suppose the return on investment in a given year is 6.5% 
The Saskatoon Community Foundation would disburse to the Station Arts Centre 3.5%, or $3,500. 
The surplus 3%, or $3,000, minus an administration fee, would be added to the principal.

Giving Options

An outline of options follows, but donors should consult with the administration of the Station Arts Centre, their insurer, broker, lawyer, accountant or executor as appropriate before making a final decision. 

1) Planned Giving: More and more people are choosing to will a portion of their estates to the institutions and causes they have supported and benefited from. An arrangement to leave a legacy to the SACCEF is easily made and allows donors to know that they will be contributing to the future of the Station Arts Centre in perpetuity. Three options exist for willing a portion of an estate: 
   a) Specific bequest, by which you leave to the SACCEF a specific amount of money or a specific fraction of your estate. 
   b) Residual bequest, by which you leave the remainder of your estate to the SACCEF after you have made specific provisions for other people and causes. 
   c) Contingent bequest, by which the SACCEF will receive or share your estate only if other beneficiaries predecease you 

2) Donations: Cash gifts are welcomed by the SACCEF at any time and, as is the case with all contributions to the fund, are receipted as charitable donations. 

3) Stocks, bonds and other securities may be lodged with the SACCEF for a certain or indeterminate period of time with the understanding that proceeds will accrue to the SACCEF as long as these instruments are lodged there. 

4) Insurance policies: The SACCEF can be named as a beneficiary of an existing policy. A special policy with the SACCEF as beneficiary is also a possibility. You may also sign an insurance policy over to the SACCEF if you decide your beneficiaries no longer need it.



Soup, Bread & Dessert

The second edition of Dennis & Joan's book of TeaRoom tested recipes is back in print and is now available at the Station Arts TeaRoom in Rosthern, or by mail.

A portion of proceeds goes to Station Arts Centre programming.

To order your copy of Soup, Bread & Dessert, call 306-232-5332 or send your mailing address and cheque for $25.00 (includes tax and postage) to Joan Yoder, Box 929 Rosthern, S0K 3R0.
Or, pick up your copy the next time you visit the Station Arts TeaRoom for $19.05 plus GST.