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The Middle Coast

Sunday, March 12, 2017 2:00 PM

In just one year, Dylan, Roman, and Liam of The Middle Coast logged over 700 hours in a van, traveled over 70 000 kms, and played 150 shows. The countless ‘van hours’ have made them great friends, and their heavy touring schedule has made them better musicians. When great friends and great musicians get together, the chemistry created is magical, and in the case of The Middle Coast, it shows. Presently, the boys are gearing up for the release of their debut record; a 9 song album packed with single-worthy songs produced by Canadian indie music legends Howard Redekopp (Mother Mother, Tegan and Sarah) and Don Benedictson (The Bros. Landreth, Valdy).

The idea behind the album was simple: catchy songs with classic melodies, thick harmonies, and grooves that guarantee some feverish head-bobbing. However, as the album took shape, The Middle Coast's vintage aesthetic was complimented with dramatic results by Howard Redekopp’s signature indie grit, and bolstered by Don Benedictson's straightforward music-first approach. Now, The Middle Coast is sitting on on a delicious blend of old and new, with a dash of youthful enthusiasm that takes things to the next level.

For as long as they’ve been together, The Middle Coast has been a touring band, so the album is just one piece of the puzzle. As the band develops, their extensive list of past shows grows. And over time, they have created a well-crafted show that bursts at the seams with energy, showcases their top notch musicianship, flows effortlessly from one song to another, and leaves you singing their hooks into next week. Thanks to their aggressive, single minded approach to the music industry, The Middle Coast has landed up alongside many of their idols at The Winnipeg Folk Festival, Harvest Moon Festival, and Canadian Music Week. 

Stoked for the future, working hard, practicing hard, and touring non-stop, The Middle Coast is on a roll and won’t be taking a break any time soon!

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