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"My History, My Tradition"

March 1 - 23, 2017

Catherine Blackburn and Katherine Boyer

"My History, My Tradition" features the painting and beading works of Catherine Blackburn and the beadings of Katherine Boyer. Both artists examine their heritage and traditions using beading as a material and reference point.

Blackburn combines traditional beadwork and bead patterns in painting to create portraits of family members. She states “I am strongly influenced by beadwork patterns on traditional Dene clothing. My painted work reinterprets these patterns and reintroduces them through floral painted patterns on canvas. Beaded portraiture has allowed for the culmination of all three themes in my work: tradition, family and culture. I enjoy that beadwork has allowed for the union of my contemporary art design and traditional Dene art practice.”

Boyer uses Google map images of her families’ historical land to inform the imagery in her beadings. From her artist statement “This work is an attempt to reclaim a digital landscape as one that can be explored through traditional means. As a contemporary Metis artist I continue to seek unique methods of relating to the land that holds significance to my family.” This exhibition beautifully examines what history, tradition, family and culture means to each of these artists.

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