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Carriers of Creation: Leah Marie Dorion

July/August, 2016

Artist Statement

This art show is a collection of paintings [2007-2013] by Saskatchewan Metis artist Leah Marie Dorion which honors the beauty of all creatures, who nurture and give life upon Turtle Island (North America).  This collection celebrates the energy of life and the great connectedness of all life forms in this vast creation.  The metaphor of the medicine wheel is a core symbolic image within this body of work. The egg is the mechanism which facilitates the continuation and transmission of life for many earth based creatures.  There is much mystery, resilience, and strength in the simple egg and the related gifts of fertility and conception.  This art show recognizes all female beings not just humans who are vessels of life. This collection shows many egg carrying beings such as the Turtle, Snake, Fish, and Birds which are important contributors to circle of life processes.  Several of these art works stress the importance of caring for and nurturing the eggs.  Other beings have much to teach humanity about parenting, motherhood, and care giving.  It is women who are gifted with the miracle of the egg carrying capacity to hold life and this body of art work celebrates women’s beauty as one of the egg carriers.    This body of work demonstration my own period of experimentalism mixed media to share First Nations and Metis cultural teachings and worldview.