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January 1 to February 23, 2018


Boom seeks boom3to explore through visual media the effects an economic boom has on communities. Rather than critiquing the industries that determine a rapid economic upturn, this exhibition focuses on the human component, the workers and community members themselves. Complex and nuanced, the experience of participating in a boom is not often a straightforward narrative. Higher salaries and available work are driving factors for a rapid population growth. However, with a massive increase in population comes the negative effect of a decrease in quality of life, from lack of housing to failing infrastructure, not to mention possible geographical isolation and the disruption of local culture. Yet, there are positives, increased profits for businesses, increase in jobs, meeting people from diverse cultures, immigration, etc. This exhibition seeks to explore both sides from the standpoint of the people involved a boom.
Organized and toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move program, curated by Amber Andersen, featuring the works of Valerie Zink and Rick Pelletier.

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