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blackboxOctober 2 to November 23, 2018

This exhibition is curated by Zoë Schneider and organized and toured through the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils. 

Otherworld combines surreal imagery rendered in photography, textile and paint, by Greg Allen, Denise Epp, and Todd Rennebohm. Preoccupied with the strange and unusual, these artists take us on an eerie journey. Unnerving thoughts, feelings and plots are explored with delicacy and humor.

Todd Rennebohm builds a world of elaborate narratives played out in photographs. Confronting fears and challenges, Rennebohm utilizes personal symbolisms to explore his past. Denise Epp uses a macabre sense of humor in her quilted pieces. MatchBoxAnthropomorphized matchsticks fist fight on a box of Hot Heads matches in Epp’s clever quilted piece Match Box, while Where is the Black Box features a flight data recorder (known as a black Box) placed within the pattern of an underwater landscape, meshing perfectly with the patterned shapes of the water and night sky. Greg Allen’s preoccupation with Sasquatch began as a child; an episode of the memorable television program Unsolved Mysteries featured the illusive creature and has gone on to inspire his interest and practice as an adult. Allen’s detailed portraits feature the Sasquatch in classic portraiture pose, inviting the viewer to meet his gaze in a truly unnerving experience.

Otherworld invites us to get close to the mysterious, spectral and bizarre; examining our collective fascination with that which gives us fear.

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